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About Me

Laura is a business owner and teacher. She owns the Casa D Hot Yoga studio where she teaches different yoga formats. She has a soulful nature and is very dedicated to her Yoga practice. She incorporates her background in dance into the flow and transitioning of the asanas in her classes. She encourages students to detach from the past, future, and to live fully in the present moment, allowing themselves to restore peace, health, and balance in their life. She believes on setting a strong foundation, focusing on alignment to build strength and flexibility.

One of her biggest passions is AcroYoga which she believes is an experience where one learns to harbor trust and honest communication, as well as confidence and body awareness. She believes in setting a strong foundation for the practice as well as progressions and safety. She has a strong inversion training and backbend practice which she incorporates into her teachings. She also leads several AcroYoga festivals and events throughout the year.

Teaching Since: 2014


Trained In:

  • 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher YACEP

  • Reiki 1 and 2

  • Restorative Yoga Training level 1 at Om Joyful Yoga

  • Certified AcroYoga 

Currently Teaching:



Aerial Yoga

Conditioning & Arm Balancing

Essential Oil Education


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Retreats


“I first met Laura two and a half years ago when I took my first acroyoga class with her and immediately became hooked! She is such a motivating and inspiring teacher and human being. She is truly dedicated to her practice and loves sharing it with others. Whether it’s a yoga, aerial, acroyoga, or inversions class she always ensures her students get the individual attention they might need. She focuses and builds on fundamental skills and encourages progress by offering variations while challenging students to push their bodies a little further within safe limits. She  demonstrates such a passion for teaching and genuinely celebrates all of her students’ efforts and accomplishments. I always look forward to taking her classes because they are such a blast! Thank you Laura for everything you do! ”

“Laura is an amazing and inspiring yoga teacher, I call her my yoga guru. I met her years ago when I was preparing for the CPA exam and looking for something to help me manage the stress. I took her class at the gym and absolutely loved her energy and yoga flow. So, I kept going back and actually following her wherever she was teaching, until I joined her home studio at the time. She definitely motivated and inspired me to practice and find balance in my life. Laura is personable, patient and passionate towards her students, which I’m grateful for, as she challenged me to deepen my practice and try new poses. Throughout the years, I’ve seen Laura demonstrate a strong work ethic and just be an incredible loving and caring human being.”

“I started taking classes with Laura in March 2018, after having back surgery. I was looking to strengthen my back and core and I simply went to the closest studio. Now I consider yoga an important part of my life and Laura has a lot to do with this. First of all, she is a wonderful teacher. She takes her time to teach the correct form and cheers you on. It’s also fun to watch her when she is taking a yoga class, because she does her own “thing” which I can only describe as difficult—she is certainly an advanced yogi. You can be certain that you are learning from someone who is knowledgeable and caring.”

 - Jessica Ramirez - 

 - Marcia Ricci - 

 - Yeilany Suarez - 

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